Ten years ago, I was ahead of my time. I was an early entrant into Software as a Service and Cloud Computing. So early in fact that people were not ready to make a move to the Cloud. These many years later I see all my early blogs and presentations come to life, as companies are now making the move.

Today there is a an equally significant transition underway, only this one is much closer. It is the move to the Subscription or Membership based economy. Driven to improve efficiencies of underutilized resources, companies are facilitating the use of subscription programs. Subscriptions are replacing many old models, including:

1. Repeated one time purchases (weekly purchases of consumables)

2. Leasing of assets ('pay for an asset for a specific use period'

3. Purchasing of assets (transfer of ownership, even if needed a small portion of the time)

4. Renting assets (owned by one entity and used as needed by others)

Today, just about every underutilized asset or ongoing consumer relationship is a candidate for the subscription model. Cars, tractors, digital images, knowledge databases, washing machines, theater seats, computer room equipment, and machine tools are just a few areas that are ripe for the subscription model. B2B or B2C - it is happening everywhere.

This is why Subscription Systems exists. To help companies with their move to the new economy where people and companies are less owners and more users.


Kim Terry, CEO

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